made with good-for-you ingredients & love.


Rainchild Apothecary was born out of the love of natural skin care products and necessity. After years of abusing her skin, creator Chelsea needed something that felt special and comforting. Skin-care became self-care as she replaced compulsive habits with the ritual of healing her skin. Creating and making the products fed the need for her hands to stay busy and for her brain to focus on something productive and healthy. Using these products made her feel nurtured and beautiful, despite the many scars. 

Chelsea is inspired by holistic wellness, nature, and by creating healthy rituals. It is her hope that when people use Rainchild Apothecary products, they slow down for a moment and enjoy the process of self-care. For others who have, or have had, trouble being kind to their skin, we welcome you to try Rainchild Apothecary, as it is made with good-for-you ingredients and love.

It is important to note that Chelsea is not a doctor and cannot prescribe or treat medical conditions, however she is knowledgeable about the ingredients she uses and can make recommendations based on your skin concerns. Chelsea has many years of experience with natural remedies, herbs and plants and essential oils, but is not a licensed practitioner of natural medicine, therefore she is unable to provide medical advice or treatment.